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Smorgasbord, Sweden is in the heart

Midsommar pole wall hanger

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Is there anything more Swedish than the Midsommar pole? In this sample of wall hanging art there is an unusual contrast between the content - a late Spring scene of Midsummer - and the choice of colour that is very autumn-wintery. The result is a tasteful and subdue piece of art that will complement environments of any style.

The technique is "Tvistsöm" on canvas, typically used to withstand wear and tear: as a matter of fact, this piece is as good as new, in spite of being 50 years' old (it has embroidered on the back the date of execution 1974).

Size: 66.5x28.5 cm / 26.2x11.2 in.

Condition: gently used.

Handpicked by Lucia in Skåne.

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